Transportation & Automotive

As vehicle engineers learn about the latest advances in blow molding, more blow molded automotive parts are being designed into new vehicles. Blow molding provides the perfect combination of structural strength, light weight, impact & chemical resistance, and low costs for both tooling & parts. See what the recent blow molding advances can do for your vehicles in the future.

Automotive Ducts & Tubes

Blow molding offers amazing versatility in air and water delivery systems. Duct systems can be economically constructed using both single- and double-wall structures. They can comprise multiple materials and contain a variety of inserted assembly components with in-mold decoration & finishing. You get the sophistication needed for new markets. Contact Custom-Pak for the very best value in ducts and tubes.


Reservoirs & Tanks

Blow molding is the most economical and versatile method for producing reservoirs and tanks. Shapes can be molded to fit into the most unusual spaces and still maintain tight tolerances. The tanks can have a variety of cap, valve, hose and gauge features. Contact us to discover the value we can provide on your next tank project.


Panels, Boots & Covers

Safety is paramount in transportation. Blow molded panels provide impact protection for passengers and goods throughout the vehicle. Boots and other flexible parts allow movement of the mechanical systems without danger to passengers. Blow molding provides protection like foam, but doesn’t crumble or tear over time. Let our engineers show you how we can solve your safety needs.



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