Stewardship & Recycling

Custom-Pak has always been active in environmentalism.
We have been recycling manufacturing supplies and minimizing waste products in our plants for over 40 years. As a result, our manufacturing plants produce virtually zero waste. These plants also have the latest, most energy efficient chillers, compressors, lighting and material handling systems bringing our energy cost to convert materials to among the lowest in the nation. The Custom-Pak owned Midwest-Poly recycling operation allows us to collect and convert over 20 million pounds of waste plastic into clean re-usable plastic resin annually. Midwest-Poly’s recycled material is strictly controlled to comply with US & European chemical regulations and can be used to blow mold resin sensitive products like toys that must comply with the material specifications of the US Consumer Products Safety Commission. Custom-Pak has been working to reduce our environmental footprint since long before it became fashionable and we intend to continue that tradition.