Product Development Leadership

Integrated design facilities allow us to design, test and
manufacture your product faster and less expensively than many companies can develop a prototype. We provide true “turn-key” product management.

Every Custom-Pak plant has a design team to provide concepts and costs. We also have three dedicated product design centers. Combined, our designers and tooling engineers develop a new blow molded product every day for one of our customers. Many products require several molds.

Custom-Pak has an extensive archive of patents and industry firsts. Our breadth of design experience brings greater understanding of every aspect of product performance. Our experience helps identify and eliminate failure. After performance is maximized, we incorporate the aesthetic panache that earns strong sales and customer loyalty.

We communicate designs in nearly any format. Online meetings keep progress moving quickly.

Our free & confidential design assistance allows you to consider every option and to shop and compare without commitment or expense.