Double-wall blow molded seating parts let designers create the look and feel that delights customers and wins awards.

Stadium & Auditorium Seating

Blow molded stadium seating is durable and comfortable. The colors remain consistent row after row, even after years of exposure to sunlight, wear & tear.

For auditoriums, there are dozens of decorating options that designers can use to create a special look or ambiance in an arena. Let us show you what you can accomplish with blow-molded seating.

Vehicle Seating

Blow molded vehicle seating provides a combination of movable contours and flex & firm zones to provide a feel that satisfies a variety of body types. Many of the mechanical connections for easy positioning with electric motors can be completed in the mold. Take advantage of our free design services to make your next seating project better than ever.


Office & Institutional Seating

Every type of chair, stool, bleacher, bench or task desk will benefit from the structure and shape options provided by blow molding. The seat & back parts can be thick for extreme conditions or thin for easy set-up & removal. They can be firm, soft or a combination. Perforations can provide ventilation and specific shapes can soothe pressure points. Blow molded seating can be sculpted for ergonomics & style and they never rust, delaminate or peel. Waiting rooms and cafeterias benefit from the easy clean-up and anti-microbial additives are available for medical facilities.   Blow molded seats are ideal for all environments.


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