How Do North American Blow Molders Compare to Offshore Companies?

There’s a common belief out there that offshore companies always provide the best value when it comes to blow molding. That belief is often misguided. Here’s why North American blow molders have the advantage over offshore companies.

They’re faster.

In business today, speed is essential and companies here and abroad will work 24/7 to deliver. You need a blow molding supplier with the capacity for quick turnaround, who is flexible enough to move on short notice and close enough to deliver product rapidly.

A company on the same continent as you has more transportation options — they can reach your facility quickly and economically by train, truck, or couriers. With offshore companies, your product can get stuck on long ocean shipping routes, pushing deadlines back by a week, maybe more.  Or you can be forced into using expensive air freight.  Either of those conditions could be disastrous for a well-timed product rollout or promotion.

They provide better value.

Offshore companies may have lower priced tooling options that entice buyers with a low initial capital investment, but value is more than just that initial cost. A lower mold cost is frequently based on lower-cost materials that can result in longer cycles or premature wear. Value is determined over the entire lifecycle of your product — from its inception to its shelf-life.

North American blow molding suppliers have access to the world’s best materials and components, and will work closely with you to create exactly the product that you want. They also will create a more durable product that will meet North America’s rigorous manufacturing standards and they will stand behind their work. You aren’t guaranteed such impeccable service with an offshore company.

They are less risky.

No business wants to take on undue risk.

Working with a North American blow molding supplier is a safe bet. They know the laws, customs, and political situation of the company you are working with. You’re guaranteed that your product meets North American regulations, such as those for food and toy safety, chemical requirements, temperature resistance, and so on.

On the other hand, there are many risks associated with outsourcing your product to offshore companies:

Some of those include:

  • Political risk
  • Cultural risk
  • Contractual risk
  • Operations risk
  • Compliance risk
  • Business continuity risk

Wayne Johnston, Sales Account Manager at Custom-Pak, notes, “You may be able to buy a mold in China for half of the tooling cost as one in North America. But if you dig down into the cost and the risk associated with that low price, a North American blow molding supplier like Custom-Pak can compete with a lower risk and higher lifetime value.”

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