How a Full-Service Blow Molding Supplier Saves You Money on Distribution

A full-service blow molding supplier offers much more than just manufacturing services. They can help you to store and distribute your product and fulfill your orders as well. What’s more, they can provide these turnkey services while saving you money.

Here are two ways a full-service blow molding supplier can save you money on distribution.

Lower storage costs

For efficient distribution and fulfillment, you need to have enough warehousing space to store product and to mobilize it when it’s ready to ship. You can do this yourself if you have the space, or your supplier can do it for you. Often, a smaller blow molding supplier just doesn’t have the capacity to handle large-volume distribution. A full-service supplier will have a vast warehouse to take care of all of your distribution and fulfillment needs.

Lower freight costs

By distributing your product directly, a full-service supplier can also save you in labor or outsourcing costs. By taking care of staging, labeling, packaging, and more, your supplier eliminates one or two separate vendors from your supply chain. This streamlines your fulfillment process and reduces your costs.

While there are costs associated with all these services, the amount you save by consolidating your manufacturing and distribution processes far outweighs them. For more information about blow molding distribution, check out our articles on the advantages of different blow molding distribution methods and on why your local molder might not be the best option.