Advantages of Different Blow Molding Distribution Methods

You probably know that there are different types of blow molding processes, each of which is beneficial for different products. In the same way, there are different distribution methods that may benefit different customers.

Here, we discuss the two main types of blow molding distribution and the advantages of each.

Make and ship distribution

This is likely what you associate with blow molding part distribution. You place your order with a blow molding supplier, and then they create the product and ship it to you. In this model, you get your part directly. You are responsible for where it goes from there: whether you send it directly to customers, send it to a distribution center, or store it.

You may opt for this method for a variety of reasons:

  • You will be using your part in-house or to manufacture another product.
  • You prefer to ship and store your product from your own established distribution center and warehouse.
  • You have an existing relationship with a distribution center or would like to send from multiple distribution centers.

Customer-owned fulfillment

Customer-owned fulfillment is a more modern distribution model. When the product is produced, it’s put into storage at the blow molding supplier’s facility. You still own the inventory and control what is done with the product and your blow molding supplier becomes your distribution center.

You have a variety of options once your product is stored by your blow molding supplier:

  • The product can be sent to third-party distribution centers.
  • The product can be sent directly to your customers.
  • The product can remain in storage until it’s needed.

In this distribution model, your blow molding supplier will take care of every aspect of distribution. That includes labeling, packing, bill of lading, and all other paperwork associated with large shipments. They stage your product, ensure that it’s directed where it needs to go, and keep you informed every step of the way.


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