5 Pieces of Information to Have at the Ready When You Contact a Blow Molding Supplier

Taking those first steps toward creating your product is exciting. So, you want to make sure you’re fully prepared as you are shopping for a blow molding supplier. Here’s the information you should have at the ready.

Your product concept

You’ll want to have a firm idea of the product you’re going to create. Though you may not have a CAD drawing, you should have enough information that any financial, process, and time estimates you get will give you an accurate sense of your resource commitments.

Write down your product specifications before you contact your blow molder and have them available during your initial conversations.

  • Approximate size
  • General shape
  • Specific function
  • Functional requirements, such as heat or water resistance

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Your production run

While you don’t need to know the exact number from the get-go, it’s advantageous to have a general idea of how big your production run will be. Fewer is not always better when it comes to pricing — hitting a minimum run to offset set-up costs can save you in the long run.

Your project timeline

Contact your blow molding supplier well in advance of your rollout date. This will give your blow molding team time to optimize your product, make adjustments to improve cost or product function, and work with you to make sure all of your needs are met. While rush orders are always possible, a little leeway with time can make for a better product.

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Your material needs

What plastic resin you use is crucial to the proper functioning of your product.

You don’t need to come to your initial discussions with an idea of what specific plastic you’d like to use — your blow molding supplier can advise you on that. But be prepared to answer questions about your product needs.

  • What would you like the plastic to look like? Should it be matte or shiny?
  • How flexible would you like the plastic to be? Good blow molding suppliers can provide both very flexible and very rigid options.
  • How strong do you want your plastic to be? The amount of weight it can withstand should be proportional to its function. A playset to hold a full-grown child will need to be stronger than a molded case to hold headphones.
  • Do you need your plastic to be stable in heat? Resistant to cold?
  • Do you need plastic that can be stored in water?
  • Do you need food-grade plastic?
  • Do you need material that can withstand exposure to certain chemicals?

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Your sustainability goals

Sustainability isn’t just good for the environment. It makes good business sense, too. Consumers are attracted to products that proclaim their sustainability on the packaging.

You and your customers can feel good about a commitment to doing plastic right. A good blow molding supplier will give you many options — from recycled resins to in-house recycling programs. Come ready to discuss your sustainability needs and to inquire into each blow molding supplier’s environmental practices.

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