5 Advantages of Choosing a Turnkey Blow Molding Supplier

You are probably familiar with a traditional blow molding supplier. They can process your part, as long as your part fits their existing machinery.

A turnkey blow molding supplier, on the other hand, takes care of your project from start to finish. It sources and processes the resin you will use, designs and customizes your product, provides the equipment needed specifically for your project, and manufactures & ships your part. Instead of using separate vendors for each step of the blow molding process, you can build a strong relationship with a single trusted supplier.
Here are five advantages of choosing a turnkey blow molding supplier.

Eliminate all the middlemen.

In all likelihood, you already have a lot of business partners. It requires a lot of time, attention, and work to build enduring relationships with each of them. Without a turnkey blow molding supplier, you may need to vet, meet, and partner with multiple companies:

  • A plastic supplier
  • A product design firm
  • A blow mold tooling manufacturer
  • The blow molding company
  • A warehousing, shipping, or distribution company

Working with a turnkey blow molding supplier allows you to reduce this list to just a single partner. Rather than dividing your energy between multiple organizations, you gain a true, dedicated partner.

Rely on a team that knows your project.

Because of that dedication, a turnkey blow molding supplier will know your project intimately. They will be able to troubleshoot and make improvements based on a longitudinal view of your part, from the first resin pellet to the last box of parts shipped out the door. This kind of familiarity can prevent errors, speed troubleshooting, and yield your ideal part.

Fully customize your part.

While all blow molding suppliers should be able to provide some degree of customization, turnkey blow molders take it to the next level. A good turnkey blow molder can provide you with the exact grade of resin you need, work with you on the design level, or draw on specialized blow molding techniques.

According to Wayne Johnston, Custom-Pak Sales Account Manager, a good turnkey blow molder will build the tooling you need, build individualized molding presses to create your part, and even tailor in-house robotics just to fit your needs.

Save time.

Each of these relationship-level benefits — from streamlining the number of vendors you use to working with a team that’s familiar with your project — saves you time. Hunting for various suppliers, sending emails with multiple vendors, and going back and forth due to misunderstandings about specifications can all cost you significant time and energy. A turnkey blow molding supplier makes the process of creating your ideal part that much easier and more efficient.

Get the best value.

Many believe that a lower capital investment means cost savings across the board. However, while some blow molding suppliers, especially those that use offshore sourcing, may be able to quote a lower price for one element, that’s not the complete story.

A good turnkey blow molder will provide value through better designs and products that last. They will give you a strong quality guarantee on their product. They can stand by their products because they know the work that went into them, from start to finish.

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