3 Reasons to Choose a Full-Service Blow Molding Supplier

Most blow molding suppliers can follow a CAD drawing and create a part according to your specifications. But, you want more than just a manufacturer. You want a blow molding supply team who will be with you every step of the way, from concept inception to integrating the new product into your distribution channels.

Here are three reasons to choose a full-service blow molding supplier.

They optimize your blow molding product from start to finish

Blow molding is a complex process. Most likely, you need an expert to guide you through it, someone who can help you answer the questions you might not even know to ask, such as:

If you work with a straightforward manufacturer, you won’t have someone on your side to walk you through the intricacies of the concept, design, production, and finishing processes. A full-service blow molding supplier doesn’t just care about production runs, product specifications, and their own bottom line. Instead of being just a vendor, they are a true business partner.

They are your partner throughout the design process

A blow molding supplier who considers themselves just your vendor starts working with you after your design is done. They take your order, process your specifications, and create the part you requested.

This may get the job done sometimes, but this model of doing business presents a big disconnect between concept and production. By joining with your blow molding team during the design process, you connect your expertise about your product with your supplier’s expertise about production.

You wouldn’t build an addition to your house without consulting an expert on your design. In the same way, skipping the design consultation with your blow molding team means skipping out on valuable input:

  • They can guide you on part shape and symmetry, which can ease the production process.
  • They can offer their expertise on your design challenges, drawing on their experience.
  • They can suggest simple alterations — such as moving a handle or tab — that can both make your product better and save you money.
  • They can brainstorm entirely new configurations of your product and offer you an array of designs to choose from.

They work with you to keep costs down

When you work with a full-service blow molding supplier, they understand that their success goes hand in hand with yours. They work to make you happy — and nothing makes businesses quite so happy as saving money.

Your blow molding partner will help you make the choices that will keep production costs down:

  • When is the optimal time to purchase plastics? Is the market anticipating a dip in prices in the near future that can drive down your costs?
  • Could your product be made more inexpensively if you used recycled resin instead of virgin plastic?
  • Could increasing your initial production actually save you money?
  • Could a small change in your design save you in materials (and costs)?

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